LunchLottery is a web application that creates chance encounters for you during your organization's lunch break.

Enable New Conversations

Your employees meet new colleagues, build new social connections, exchange know-how and have conversations that otherwise wouldn't happen.

Increase the Retention Rate

LunchLottery increases the connectivity and improves your retention rate. Socially connected employees are more loyal to your company.

Strengthen Collaboration

LunchLottery fosters collaboration by reducing silos and bringing together employees across hierarchies and departments.


LunchLottery minimizes your administrative effort. Our cloud solution takes care of inviting, shuffling and prompting your employees to meet.


Participants automatically receive a customized e-mail notification about the lunch.


Our solution assigns every participant one or several lunch partners (depending on the group size setting).

LunchLottery Meet-up

Employees connect with new colleagues from other departments and hierarchy levels.

Our Experience

Clients and press are amazed by the idea of connecting people through chance encounters.

Swiss ICT Award

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Lyle is the co-founder and CEO of LunchLottery. He also co-founded Inspire 925, a consulting firm specialized in employee engagement. He studied psychology at the University of Zurich.


Johan is the founder of Nexys, a software company that builds highly customized applications that enhance productivity and social interactions, unlocking value creation potential. Johan graduated from ETH Zurich.


Sunnie is responsible for the international expansion strategy of LunchLottery and the co-founder of Inspire 925, a consulting firm specialized in employee engagement. She holds an economics degree from Yale University.

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