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We Connect Your Employees Better


LunchLottery creates chance encounters for you during your organization's lunch break. Algorithms optimize for the best outcome.


Add a question to LunchLottery and generate new ideas from across your workforce over lunch.

Bridge the gap

Reduce silos with our maximum diversity algorithm and connect employees across departments or hierarchy levels.


Increase your retention rate by improving the social connectivity within your organization. LunchLottery costs a lot less than replacing an employee.

Our Service: LunchLottery takes care of everything.



All participating employees automatically receive a customized e-mail about the upcoming LunchLottery initiative.

Customer Support

Every client is supported by one of our customer success managers. If a participant has a question, they can contact LunchLottery directly.


Our solution assigns every participating employee one or several lunch partners (depending on the group size settings). Smart matching algorithms optimize for the perfect match.

Smart Meet-up

Employees connect with new colleagues from other departments and hierarchy levels.

Impact Report

After each LunchLottery session, we provide our client with an impact report that shows how many employees participated.

Participation Rates from Select Clients

We strive to be the best employee initiative your organization has ever done.

Globally Leading Cement Producer
53% of all employees participate
Big Four Consultancy in Switzerland
43% of all employees participate
Germany's Leading Logistics Provider
39% of all employees participate
Chocolate Producer from Switzerland
31% of all employees participate
Banking Software Provider from Switzerland
45% of all employees participate
Pharmaceutical Company from Denmark
55% of all employees participate

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Meet our team

Vincent Lyle Tölle


Lyle is the co-founder and CEO of LunchLottery. In the past he has worked with ETH Zurich to build up the ETH Spin-off community, delivered innovation formats for ABB and dpd Switzerland as well as implementing digital solutions for pwc, Leonteq and Takeda. He is also a licensed fitness instructor and a rethoric coach and holds a degree in psychology from University of Zurich.

Sunnie Groeneveld


Sunnie is responsible for the international expansion strategy of LunchLottery. In the past she has lead initiatives such as digitalswitzerland, the country’s largest public-private cross-industry initiative on digital transformation. She is also a board member of the engineering company HHM, the media company galledia group and the IT firm emineo. She has a degree in economics from Yale University.

Johan Boissard


Johan is responsible for the IT infrastructure of LunchLottery. Johan is also the founder of Nexys, a software company that builds highly customized applications that enhance productivity and social interactions, unlocking value creation potential. Johan graduated from ETH Zurich.

Debora Mittner

Customer Success Manager

Debora is responsible for the customer success management at LunchLottery. Previously, she was a researcher at University of Zurich and the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), where she focussed on smart phone based research in the area of life domain balance and healthcare. In 2016 she organized the Swiss Employer Award ceremony. She has a degree in psychology at the University of Zurich.